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Light In Your Eyes
Blessid Union Of Souls 
Light In Your Eyes 
Capo 5th Fret

G       C            D              C         G        C D C G
I can't remember the last time that we kissed goodbye
G        C                  D            C           G   C D C G 
All our "I love you's" were just not enough to survive 
               Bm         C    
Something your eyes never told me 
G                              D
But it's only now too plain to see 
          Bm                C
Brilliant disguise when you hold me 
        A      C D
And I'm free 
G         C            D                C               G   C D C G
I've been thinking and here's what I've come to conclude
G             C           D             C          G     C D C G
Sometimes the distance is more than two people can use 
              Bm           C
But how could I have known girl 
G                                   D
It was time and not space you would need 
        Bm              C                      A
Darling tonight I could hold you and you would know 
C             D
But would you believe


G                                 C         D                        
There's a light in your eyes that I used to see 
G                                   C         D                              
There's a place in your heart where I used to be
G                                   C           A 
Was I wrong to assume that you were waiting for me
There's a light in your eyes
        C                D           G
Did you leave that light burning for me
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