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Wedding Song Chords
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                                 Wedding Song
	                         Paul Stookey

               E                          B/F#
	He is now to be among you at the calling of your haerts
        A(addB)                                      E
	Rest assured this troubador is acting on his part
                           B/F#            A(addB)        E
	The union of your spirits here has caused Him to remain
                C#m         E                B/F#
	For whenever two or more of you are gathered in His name
                 A(addB)               E   F#
	There is love  -  -  there is love

               E                    B/F#         A(addB)         E
        Well a man should leave his mother and a woman leave her home
        C#m               E               B/F#
	They shall travel on to where the two shall live as one
              E             B/F#        A(addB)       E
	As it was in the beginning - is now unitl the end
        C#m             E                 B/F#
	Woman draws her life from man and gives it back again (and)
                 A(addb)              E    F#
	There is love  -  -  there is love

                   A        A/G#    F#m         B               E
	Well then what's to be the reason for becomming man and wife
              A         A/G#       F#m           B                    E
	Is it love that brings you here or is it love that brings you life
               E             B/F#         A(addB)         E
	For if loving is the answer then who's the giving for
           C#m            E                     B/F#
	Do you believe in something that you've never seen before
                     A(addB)              E    F#
	Oh, there is love  -  -  there is love

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About the artist behind Wedding Song Chords:

Noel "Paul" Stookey (born December 30, 1937) is a singer-songwriter best known as "Paul" in the trio Peter, Paul and Mary. He is an alumnus of Michigan State University. While attending Michigan State University he joined the Delta Upsilon Fraternity.

His best-known composition is "The Wedding Song (There is Love)", which charted in 1971 and remains popular for performance during wedding services. He wrote the song as a wedding gift for Peter Yarrow. Stookey assigned the copyright to this song to the Public Domain Foundation.

In addition to his recordings with the trio, he released a number of solo works, several albums with an ensemble called Bodyworks, and some anthologies. His post-Peter, Paul and Mary works have emphasized his Christian faith, family life, and social concerns. He was an important artist in the young Jesus music movement which would later bloom into the contemporary Christian music industry, although his generally politically liberal views distinguish him from many such artists.

He also has production credits on albums by several lesser-known singer-songwriters, including Dave Mallett and Gordon Bok. He was the founder of the Neworld Multimedia record label.

He remains active in the music industry, performing regularly both as a member of Peter, Paul, and Mary and as a solo act.

Though Stookey spent several years as a school-year resident of Massachusetts while his wife Betty served as the Northfield Mount Hermon School chaplain, Noel and Betty returned to their home in Blue Hill, Maine in June 2005, where he records in a studio that was previously a chicken-house.

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