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It comes as some surprise to me to find that I’m in love
I wonder how it got to be "I blame the stars above
I wonder what she’l say to me when I find the time to tell her
I wonder if she’l laugh at me when I tell her how I feel about her
Gm         Bb7             C9               Gdim            C7
It’s a big affair but you can’t you know tune in but its all right
F                Eb                       F       A   Bb     C     Dmin
That is I think it’s not too bad bad bad bad bad
C                                                  Bb                F
You can make houses out of bricks and stones
C                                                  Bb                F
You can make heroes out of flesh and bones
C                                                  Bb                F
You can find answers to the great unknown
Dmin                     Bb                   Dmin       Bb
But you can’t live without love live without love
Dmin                     Bb                   Dmin       Ab9  F
But you can’t live without love live without love no no
D                   Eb9
Love comes to greet you
D                      Eb9
Sometimes comes to beat you 
D                            Eb             Ab          F
Sometimes you’re at loves beck and call

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