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Pehli Nazar
well this was my first attempt to figure out chords myself...i am not sure if it sounds 
or not---->
p.s.->i dont know the lyrics too well

C                     F
pehli nazar mein kaisa jaadu kar diya

Am                     F
tera ban baetha hai mera jiya..

C                  F
jaane kya hoga kya hoga kya pata
Am                     F
is pal ko milke aa jeele zara....

C                F
mai hun yahan....tu yahan yahan
Am                      F
meri bahaon mein aa.. aa bhi ja


Cadd9            F
O    jaane jaan donon jahan
Am              F
meri bahon mein aa bhi jaa...
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About the artist behind Pehli Nazar:

Atif Aslam (Urdu: عاطف اسلم, born March 12, 1983) is a Pakistani pop singer. He was born in Wazirabad and educated in Lahore and Rawalpindi. He is well-known in the Subcontinent for his hits Hum Kis Galli , Aadat, Woh Lamhe, Doorie ,Tere Bin, Pehli Nazar Mein and Ehsaas. He was formerly the lead singer of Jal.

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