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Blue Monday Chords
Blue Monday '88 by New Order
no idea who the guitarist is, can't give them credit. lol
Tabbed by Dan Bogosian (UtBDan)
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simple song, only takes your basic C, F, G, and D chords. I recommend not doing
open D though, it sounds too high. I recommend doing this chords:

 F C D G
you could replace the X in the D with a 2, but that's when it sstarts to sound too high.

however, that's only what I recommend; all should work fine.

F   C       D
How does it feel
   F        C        D
To treat me like you do
            F         C          D
When you've laid your hands upon me
    G       C       D
And told me who you are

  F         C   D
I thought I was mistaken
  F         C          D
I thought I heard your words
        F   C    D
Tell me how do I feel
            G   C    D
Tell me now how do I feel

F         C           D
Those who came before me
F             C       D
Lived through their vocations
         F      C      D
From the past until completion
          G     C      D
They will turn away no more

      F     C          D
And I still find it so hard
   F          C       D
To say what I need to say
        F          C           D
But I'm quite sure that you'll tell me
         G        C    D
Just how I should feel today

  F     C           D
I see a ship in the harbor
  F       C     D
I can and shall obey
          F          C       D
But if it wasn't for your misfortunes
         G        C      D
I'd be a heavenly person today

      F         C      D
And I thought I was mistaken
      F         C         D
And I thought I heard you speak
        F   C    D
Tell me how do I feel
            G   C        D
Tell me now how should I feel

  F         C           D
I thought I told you to leave me
        F      C           D
While I walked down to the beach
        F   C       D
Tell me how does it feel
     G          C     D
When your heart grows cold

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About the artist behind Blue Monday Chords:

New Order are an English rock group formed in 1980 by Bernard Sumner (vocals, guitars, synthesizers), Peter Hook (bass, backing vocals, electronic drums) and Stephen Morris (drums, synthesizers). The band was formed in the wake of the demise of their previous band, Joy Division, following the suicide of singer Ian Curtis. They were soon joined by keyboardist/guitarist Gillian Gilbert.

New Order melded post-punk and electronic dance, and became one of the most critically acclaimed bands of the 1980s. Though the band were shadowed by the legacy of Joy Division in their first years, their immersion in the New York City club scene of the early 1980s introduced them to dance music. The band's 1983 hit "Blue Monday" saw them fully embrace dance music and synthesized instruments, and is the best-selling 12-inch single of all time[citation needed]. New Order were the flagship band for Factory Records, and their minimalist album sleeves and non-image reflected the label's aesthetic of doing whatever the relevant parties wanted to do, including New Order not wanting to put singles onto the albums. The band have often been acclaimed by fans, critics and other musicians as a highly influential force in the alternative rock and dance music scenes over the past 25 years.

New Order were in hiatus between 1993 and 1998, during which time the members participated in various side-projects. The band reconvened in 1998, and in 2001 released Get Ready, their first album in eight years. In 2005, Phil Cunningham (guitars, synthesizers) replaced Gilbert, who had left the group due to family commitments. In July 2007, Peter Hook claimed that he and Sumner had no further plans to work together.[1]

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