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Four Walls
Here's my 3rd tab of a song by The Low Life and it's their masterfully written acoustic 
Walls. It's a great song and here is the tab.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are listening/looking for the tab of Four Walls recorded by The 
Life it is in standard tuning...if you are looking for Four Walls recorded by Evan Bliss, 
it is tuned down half a step!!!

(PART A) Intro:

A                      A
|--0--0--  OR  to       --5-5-------------|
|--2--2--  get the      --5-5-------------|
|--2--0--  higher       --6-6-------------|
|--2--2--  notes of     --7-5-------------|
|--0--2--  the chord    --7-7-------------|
|--------  play this... --5-5-------------|

*hammer the middle finger on the A chord
*i believe both of these chords are played simultaneously by two different guitars to 
the full effect

(PART B) Verse: "Dandelion pastures..."

A     D
|--0--0--2-0--|  *hammer on 2nd fret on hihg e string on the d chord
|--2--2--3-3--|  *listen for timing and rhythm

(PART C) Brige: "Well we might not make it there..."


(PART D) Chorus:

|------2--0--0--2--0--| *chord in bracket i am not positive is correct
|------3--2--0--3--2--|  sounds okay, but i'm not sure if it is the
|-[1]--4--2--1--4--2--|  actual chord played in the song

Order of parts:

(PART A) 2x
(PART B) 4x  dandelion pastures...
(PART B) 4x  long winding beaches...
(PART C) 2x  well we might not make it there...
(PART A) 2x
(PART B) 4x  blue skies cover green hills...
(PART D) 2X  this is where we'll call home...
(PART A) 2x
(PART A) 4x (with hammering)i'm not working from nine to five...
(PART D) 2x this is where we'll call home...
(PART C) 2x well we might not make it there...
(PART A) 2x
(PART B) 4x spending all day driving...
(PART D) 4x this is where we'll call home........end
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