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Ntozake Nelson
                             Ntozake Nelson - The Lonelyhearts
Band Website:
Maximum Ames Records

Tabbed by: t_tone

Tuning: Standard

As best as I can tell, the main guitar part uses three main chords with a couple 
hammer ons for the whole song. Just listen in for the strumming pattern.

Chords: Ab, C#/G#, Eb5

Ab      C#     Eb5


Oh no, another day begins

Calenders and wristwatches are counting down my sins

Construction trucks outside are piling up the years

After 25 the brides leave the single girls in tears

Ab                                Eb5 
God bless them, god bless them all

'Cause we've heard about what happens when their engine stalls

The tallest ones are mauled in the falls of the Midwest
The quiet ones are farmed out to businessmen's requests

Ab                            Eb5 
And osteoperosis gets the rest

They'll remember her best as charming and good-looking

Though they wouldn't take her now for all the beer in Brooklyn

Her cooking is her pride but she sits alone for dinner

In the dark under faded posters of Lew Alcindor

The local red-eyed bottles have settled in for the winter

Ab                        Eb5
But you won't see me there

I can't raise my glass and the others never cared

Ab                    C#                   Ab                    Eb5
I'll drink my morning coffee without Irish and I will make amends

Ab         Eb5              Ab                  Eb5              Eb5       
I miss the bottle I miss my friends, I miss the bottle I miss my friends

Same pattern repeats twice more with a few more bars of the chorus at the very end.

Hope it helps!
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Ntozake Nelson Chords

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