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Ye Olde Toffee Shop
Hollies - Ye Olde Toffee Shop

CAPO: 2nd Fret

INTRO: C  F  C   G  C

                 F          C
I press my nose against the pane
              G      C
Of the little toffee shop
                F       C
Day after day I save my pennies
                G      C
To spend at the toffee shop

     Dm       F       C
Come Saturday morn at nine o'clock
  Dm           F          G
I stand on the cold stone street
  Dm          F        C
A penny every day that I have saved
   Dm    G         C        Dm  G  C
To buy myself some sweets

                     F       C
The nice little lady old and grey
             G   C
With glasses and shawl
                   F           C
Gives love away to good little boys
          G        C
Who do as they are told

      Dm     F       C
She's always telling stories
Dm     F         G
Of her childhood days
Dm           F       C
She couldn't buy the things that I can
    Dm       G        C        Dm  G  C
For families in those days

INSTRUMENTAL: C   F  C   G  C    F  C   G  C
              Dm  F  C   Dm  F  G   Dm  F  C   Dm  G  C   Dm  G  C

                        F     C
Imagine the sweets that I can buy
                 G     C
With six pennies of my own
                 F       C
I always take my time to choose
                        G      C
The sweets that I'll be taking home

Dm          F     C
Gobstoppers in my pockets
Dm          F     G
Brown sugar in my hand
Dm          F         C
Lollies you suck that last all day
    Dm         G          C     G  F  C
And sugar that looks like sand
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