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Sorry Suzanne
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Date: Thu, 14 Nov 1996 14:49:03 -0500
From: Andrew Rogers 
Subject: ./h/hollies/sorry_suzanne.crd

"Sorry Suzanne"
                    (Geoff Stephens - Tony Macauley)


C        E7       F        G
	/ / / /  / / / /  / / / /  / / / /


C               E7
	I can't make it if you leave me
	Am            C7              F
	I'm sorry Suzanne, believe me I was wrong
	And I knew I was all along   [1, 3: forgive me   2: all along]

C                 E7
	I still love you more than ever
	Am            C7            F
	I'm sorry Suzanne for ever hurting you
	You know I never wanted to
	                    C    [1, 2: Dsus4 D   3: to coda]
	I'm truly sorry Suzanne

Verse 1:

G                  Bm/F#
	Oh, I could never ever justify
	G7/F             E7
	All the tears I made you cry
	Am          D7             G
	But I do regret it, my Suzanne
	You gotta believe me

Verse 2:

G                       Bm/F#
	I was lookin' round for someone new
	G7/F             E7
	What a foolish thing to do
	Am              D7
	All the time I knew it
	Am                 D7             G   /F  /E  /D
	Heaven knows what made me do it, girl

[repeat chorus w/guitar solo over lines 4-6]

Verse 3 [chords as per verse 2]:

If you would only take me back again
	Things would be so different then
	What I wouldn't give for
	One more chance to live for you, Suzanne

[repeat chorus]


(guitar solo over chorus chords; fade)

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers
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