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Alleluia Tab
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From: [email protected]
Date: Sun, 2 Jul 95 04:49:09 -0500
Subject: Tab:alleuia

Song Title: Alleluia
X = Do not play this string   ^ or V = strum direction
1-0-3 = hold finger 1 down as you also use finger 3 two frets up the neck.
                                                _____first ending__________
                                                |                         |
  3rd fret   3rd       2nd   5th   3rd   2nd    2nd   2nd    2nd     3rd
 ^ ^         ^ ^ ^    ^      ^ ^ ^  ^     ^^    ^     ^      ^        ^
 _2nd ending_______      _________chorus____________________________________
|                 |      |
2nd    2nd     3rd       3rd      3rd       3rd       3rd     3rd     3rd
^     ^        ^         ^        ^         ^         ^       ^       ^
3rd     |    1st     1st   1st   1st       1st     1st   1st
^            ^       ^      ^      ^        ^       ^     ^
                                     $ = end of singing
                               $     G chord used for the following trill
1    1       1     1    1      1     2        2        2       2
^    ^       ^     ^     ^     ^      ^       ^        ^       ^
ending guitar part.
2       2
^       ^
Everyones part
Al le lu ia, Al le lu ia, Al le lu ia, Al le lu ia
Al le lu ia, Al le lu ia, Al le lu ia, Praise the Lord.
alternate above with verses from  "What a friend we have in Jesus"
Example:  What a friend we,  have in Je sus, all our sins and, griefs to
Mens part
Al le lu oo   oo   oo  ia
Ladys part, echo softer
Al le lu oo   oo   oo  ia
Mens part
Al le lu oo   oo   oo  ia
Ladys part,  echo softer
Al le lu oo   oo   oo  ia
Everyones part
Praise Jes sus,  King of Kings!

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