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Cosmic Circus
The Flower Kings - Cosmic Circus (Music: Stolt\Bodin Words:Stolt)
Thanks Albergoni Claudio ([email protected]) for the first version of this tab!

I'm gonna edit some color to the chords. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Intro :

(Chords) E  Eadd9 C#m C#madd4


E                     Eadd9, E
From the ragged fence
       C#m         C#madd4, C#m
to the cosmic bends
we have payed our way with eagerness
and forced the world to make some sense

E                     Eadd9, E
In this endless space,
        C#m            C#madd4, C#m
looking for Gods given grace
Among countless scattered dying stars
by the fireplaces we found some comfort

Waiting all to serve a greater purpose
D              C#m    C#m/B  F#7/A#   A
or to join the cosmic circus now

[Verse 2]
        Emaj7             Emaj7add9, Emaj7
From the garden greens
       C#m             C#madd4, C#m
to the mountain streams
       G#m                               G#m7
We all worked the land and payed in sweat
while sweet illusions were passing by

Like fading tribe
on the ocean wide
In a random flash we live and die
Searching all religions, reason why

Waiting all to serve a greater purpose
or to join the cosmic circus now

[Verse 3] (Same as Verse 2)
From the habbit hole, to the frozen poles
we have filled our hearts with poetry
while science was our leading star

On to million suns
where our fading memories dance
While we try so hard to understand
the untold genesis of man

Waiting all to serve a greater purpose
or to join the cosmic circus now


F#madd9 G#m Amaj7  B6   C#

(Important in Ending, for it to not sound wierd. Hold the G# note on High E string 
in all chords (4th fret).
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