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The Stroll
The Stroll:The Diamonds.
#4 in 1957.
***(The Stroll was a Fifty's slow Rock dance.)***

INTRO: Stroooo..llin'...Stroooo..llin'...

Come, let's Stroll, Stroll across the flo..or.
Bb                                            F
Come, let's Stro-oh-oh-oll, Stroll across the flo..or.
    C                  Bb                F
Now turn around, baby, let's Stroll once more.

Feel so good, take me by my ha..nd.
  Bb                                     F
I feel so goo-ooh-ooh-ood, take me by my ha..nd.
    C               Bb             F
And let's go Strol..lin', in Wonderland.

         Bb                       F
Rock and ro-uh-oh-oh-oh-oh-llin'..Strol..lin'..
      C          Bb                 F
Well, rock my so-oul..How I love to Stro..ll.

There's my love..Strollin' in the do..or.
Bb                                      F
There's my lo-o-o-ove, Strollin' in the do..or.
      C               Bb                 F
Baby, let's go Strol..lin', by the candy

OUTRO: (Whistling:)

...F Bb F...C Bb F (Fade.)

A fifties smash from Kraziekhat.
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