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Silhouettes:The Diamonds.
#10 on MERCURY Records in 1957.

G                 C   D
Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah, hut-hut..
G                 C   D
ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah, hut-hut..

G                           C
Took a walk and passed your house..
 D         G
(late last night.)
G                              C
All the shades were pulled and drawn..
 D        G
(way down tight.)
G                        C        D
From within, a dim light cast two silhouettes
       G                        C           D
on the shade..oh, what a lovely couple they ma-ade.

G                        C
Put his arms around your waist..
 D        G
(held you tight.)
G                     C
Kisses I could almost taste..
 D      G
(in the night.)
G                      C          D
Wonder why I'm not the guy, whose silhouette's
       G                 C         D
on the shade..I couldn't hide, the tears in my eye-eyes.

Silhouettes (silhouettes)..silhouettes (silhouettes)..
C                          D
silhouettes (silhouettes)..ty-oh.
Silhouettes (silhouettes)..silhouettes (silhouettes)..
C                          D
silhouettes (silhouettes)..ty-oh.


G                          C
Lost control and rang your bell..
 D     G
(I was sore.)
G                      C
Let me in or else I'll beat..
 D         G
(down your door.)
G                          C        D
When two strangers who had been two silhouettes
       G                               C
on the shade..said to my shock, you're on the wrong
D        D# C# D#

G#                             C#
Rushed down to your house with wings..
 D#    G#
(on my feet.)
G#                     C#
Loved you like I never loved..
 D#     G#
(you my sweet.)
G#                          C#     D#
Vowed that you and I, would be two silhouettes on
    G#                C#        D#
the shade..all of our days, two silhouettes on the sha-ade.

Silhouettes (silhouettes)..silhouettes (silhouettes)..
C#                         D#
silhouettes (silhouettes)..ty-oh.
Silhouettes (silhouettes)..silhouettes (silhouettes)..
C#                         D#
silhouettes (silhouettes)..ty-oh.
G#                 C#        G#
Two silhouettes....on the....shade...two silhouettes!

A fifties smash from Kraziekhat.
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