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Hold Me Chords
V e r s e :
               Am       Em   G6
Comfortable as I am
                Am      Em   D9
I need your reassurance
                   Am          Em   G6
And comfortable as you are
              Am      Em   G6
You count the days

P r e c h o r u s :
                 Am 		     D/F#
But if I wanted silence, I would whisper
                 Am                       D
And if I wanted loneliness, I'd choose to go
                 Am              D/F#
And if I'd like rejection, I'd audition
                 Am                   D
And if I didn't love you, you would know

C h o r u s :
   Am G               Em           F 
And why can't you just hold me
   Am   G            F         Dm 
And how come it is so hard
   Am  G  		  Em        F
And do you like to see me broken
   Am G           Dm 
And why do I still care
       Am    Em   G6
still care 
Am   Em   G

V e r s e :
                     Am       Em  G
You say you see the light now
                   Am          Em  G 
At the end of this narrow hall
                 Am     Em  G
I wish it didn't matter
                Am           Em G 
I wish I didn't give you all


B r i D G e:
C                           G
Poor little misunderstood baby
                  Am        F
No one likes a sad face
    C                            Em
But I can't remember life without him
   		        Am        Dm
I think I did have good days
                  F        G        
I think I did have good days			
And why...

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About the artist behind Hold Me Chords:

Maria Viktoria Mena (born February 19, 1986) is a Norwegian pop artist.

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