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Carolina Tab
This is the tab as it appeared on, but I didn't think to include the
tabber's name when I copied it, so whoever you are, thank you.  I've added a couple 
end of the tab, but they stay true to the original chords.  Have fun; this is an 
song.  And please, please, post anything else by M Ward that you know--I live on his music.

intro dsus2 g6add4 -> (320030)

   dsus2                             g6add4
oh where are you going for the 250th time
         dsus2                                               g6add4
well i'm waiting for a sign, well it looks just like another line
         A                                           bm
and i'm walking backwards to the place where i came from
        g6add4              A             dsus2
oh but that aint enough, no you want me to run.

g6add4 dsus2 g6add4

     dsus2                                    g6add4
used to feel like california with baby eyes so blue
      dsus2                               g6add4
now i feel like carolina i split myself in two
         A                                            bm
now i'm walking backwards from chicago through washington
       g6add4                A             dsus2
oh but that aint enough, no you want me to run
   g6add4              A            bm
oh that aint enough, you want me to run

g6add4 bm g6add4 bm g6add4 bm g6add4
(pull from high d to c# for both the bm and the g6add4 then hammer back on)

dsus2                                           g6add4
better watch your soul, it'll leave you like 100 bucks
               dsus2                                      g6add4
my friend said stick to your guns, but instead i just got stuck
          A                                           bm
and i'm walking backwards looking forward to getting done
       g6add4             A             dsus2
no but that aint enough, you want me to run
   g6add4             A              bm
oh that aint enough, you want me to run

g6add4 bm g6add4

dsus2                                          g6add4
used to feel like california with baby eyes so blue
     dsus2                               g6add4
now i feel like carolina i split myself in two
dsus2                                          g6add4
used to feel like california with baby eyes so blue
     dsus2                               g6add4
now i feel like carolina i split myself in two

  this is pretty close but not 100 percent, obviously, listen to the song
  for how long to play the chords and the strumming pattern,

Okay, this guy tabbed it pretty well, so i'll just add a couple little things that sound good.

For the Dsus2 and G6add4, I usually go with a Bass-Strum-Mess Around With the High 
For me, it looks about like this:


...and so on.  It's not even close to a set-in-stone pattern...I think some kind of bass
and the strumming are
important, but it really doesn't matter what strings you strum or what you do with the 
And now for the Bm: at the end of each verse, he does a nice little riff on the Bm.
Lately I haven't even been barring it; I just finger it
like this, low E to high:  000432

The riff is something like this:


I didn't include the strumming, but your thumb should probably be doing something while 
work on the high strings.  and again, it's not set in stone.  this is just how i play 
mess around and have fun.

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About the artist behind Carolina Tab:

Matt Ward, known by his stage name M. Ward, is a singer-songwriter and guitarist who rose to prominence in the Portland, Oregon music scene. In the summer of 2006, he relocated to New Hampshire and in the fall of 2007 subsequently returned to Portland. Ward was previously a member of the band Rodriguez with Kyle Field of Little Wings. Their album Swing Like a Metronome was released in 2000 and produced by Jason Lytle of Grandaddy.

His solo debut Duet for Guitars #2 was released by Howe Gelb on his Ow Om record label. Ward's 2001 album, End of Amnesia, was put out by Future Farmer Records. A collection of live recordings, Live Music & The Voice of Strangers, was a self-released disc that was sold at his shows in 2001. His subsequent albums have been released on Merge Records.

He has guested on recordings by Cat Power, Beth Orton (with whom he co-wrote the title track to her album Comfort of Strangers), The Court & Spark, Bright Eyes (with whom he toured on the 2004 Vote For Change tour with R.E.M. and Bruce Springsteen), Jenny Lewis (debut solo album Rabbit Fur Coat he co-produced), and My Morning Jacket.

In 2006, he contributed a song to, and helped produce the John Fahey tribute album I Am the Resurrection. He also appears on Norah Jones' album Not Too Late, performing backing vocals and guitar on "Sinkin' Soon", and toured as the opener and a member of her "Handsome Band" for the album in the spring of 2007. Also his cover of David Bowie's song "Let's Dance" is featured on the soundtrack of the 2007 New Zealand film Eagle vs Shark.

In 2004 Ward played guitar for Bright Eyes on a taping of The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn. During the performance Bright Eyes' singer Conor Oberst yelled out "M. Ward for President!" This prompted Newsweek magazine to run an article on Ward and his next album Transistor Radio.

Ward's latest album, Post-War, was described by Vanity Fair in its August 2006 issue as thematic on the question "How will America heal once this craziness in Iraq is over?" Ward said in that article that he looked to the post-war music of the late 1940s and 50s. "I had the naive, simplistic idea that producers and writers and artists of the time helped in a minuscule way to change the mind-set of America". The album was released on Merge Records on August 29, 2006. It features cameo performances by Howe Gelb, Jim James and Neko Case. Ward says that "Amazing Grace" is probably his favorite song ever. His favorite piece of musical equipment is the TASCAM 4-Track Recorder, which he uses to start every song he writes. [1] From the music blog It's Hard To Find A Friend: "According to the Omaha City Weekly: ...Also with recording plans for the winter is Conor Oberst. Beginning in the new year, Oberst is slated to begin recording two new albums — one a solo record in Mexico (?) with Jake Bellows playing a role and another with a new band being formed with M Ward". [2] Ward recently formed She and Him with actress Zooey Deschanel, the album Volume One—which he produced—was released on Merge Records on March 18, 2008. Ward and Deschanel performed (along with Yo La Tengo) on Late Night with Conan O'Brien on April 22, 2008.

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