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The Rolling Of The Hearse
The Rolling Of The Hearse (Nikki Sudden)

Capo 2nd fret

INTRO:  C  Em  F  G  (2x)

         C              Em
Well, I went up to the jury
       F                  G
And I said, "What is the cost
        C               Em
For forgetting you ever saw me,
         F                   G
I can replace what has been lost?
Am                     Dm      
Don't believe all the things they say,
Am                      Dm
It's only going to get worse."
     C                          Em
But they just looked straight through me
          F                  G
And they muttered out their curse.

       C              Em
I was taken from the courtroom
      F             G
And chained into a cell,
         C           Em
And the straw that I slept on
        F                  G
Was the only thing I knew well.
Am             Dm      
But, I didn't believe
Am                Dm
Things could get worse,
        C                        Em
Until I heard them building the scaffold
         F              G
And the rolling of the hearse.

     C                Em
They took me from my prison
     F                  G
Out into the cold grey dawn
         C              Em
And the faces at ev'ry window
        F              G
Were as silent as the corn.
          Am             Dm     
Then they put me on the scaffold
    Am                  Dm
And told me to close my eyes,
    C              Em
But I saw Gabriel coming
       F                   G
And I vanished from their sight.

C  Em  F  G  (2x)

     Am               Dm    
The prison yard it is empty,
     Am                  Dm    
The guards have all gone home,
     C                   Em
The hearse it stands forgotten
        F                 G
And the wind whispers my song.

C  Em  F  G  (6x)

END in  C

on: "Old Scarlett" by The Jacobites (Glitterhouse Records, 1995)

Nikki Sudden - Dave Kusworth - Glenn Tranter - Carl Eugene Picot - Mark Williams 

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