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Glowing Inside
Artist:Nikki Gil
Transcribed:Angelyn T. Gimeno
E-mail:[email protected]
Date transcribed:March 6, 2013


Verse 1:
  A                 Bm
  Happy, to let you know
  You make me glow
            Bm     E
  I feel so good it's true
  A                    Bm
  So glad, that I have you 
  You love me so
  Now all is bright

              C         Dm
  I'll always thank you for the glow
      Em        F
  And thank you for the joy
  C         D7               Dm      G
  Thank you for the love you gave to me
      C        Dm
  I'm glowing, glowing inside 
       Em         F
  With your love, shining through 
  C             F             Em-A7
  Thank you for everything you do
  I'm glowing inside 
    G       C    E
  Because of you...

Verse 2: ( same lang poh ng chords sa verse 1 )

Remember, my glowing years
  They're filled with joy
  Because your there for me
  You cast my fears away
  You wipe those tears
  You gave me strength
  Each day
    ( Repeat Chorus except last word )
 F             G             Em-Am
  Who knows of what tomorrow brings
             Dm7  G            C-C7
  My glowing wings can make me fly
       F         G                Em-Am
  I'll reach and now I touch the sky
             Dm       D       G
  Because of you I'll sore up high ..

Chorus 2:
  So I must...
  C#        F#
  Thank you for the glow,
      C#        F#
  And thank you for the joy,
  C#        Eb             F# - Ab
  Thank you for love you gave to me
         C#        F#
  I'm glowing, glowing inside
        C#        F#
  With your love, shining through
  C#                 Eb        Fm
  Thank you for everything you do
  I'm glowing inside 
    F#         C#
  Because of you...
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About the artist behind Glowing Inside:

Nikki Gil (born August 23, 1987) is a Filipina actress, host, and singer. She is famous for doing the Asian versions of "Breaking Free" and "Gotta Go My Own Way" from the Disney Channel Original Movies, High School Musical, and High School Musical 2.

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