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Love Story Chords
Love Story

Intro: (Acoustic)

C5             B/C            Am
maybe it's not funny but it's true 

G5                          F
no one here's surprised but you 

  C5              B/C               Am
embellish it, the truth is you're a slave 

G5                           F
addicted to it's escalating 
and your love 


B/C G5                            F              G5
bad drama makes you livid and the nervous always laugh 

C5               Bdim or B/C
i'm fresh out of advice

    Am               G5            F
and sick of standing in this harms way 

Verse 2:
     C5         B/C     Am
interstate in debate an impasse 

G5                       F
driving out the hope and gas 

C5              B/C             Am
arriving at the same mute conclusion 

     G5                 F
this destination failure this is going, going 

Chorus 2:
C5       B/C   G5                          F         G5
nowhere, slow, drama is exhausting and i'd rather be alone 

C5            Bdim or B/C
i want better friends 

i'm sick of giving into harms way, and so are they 

Intro (with slight varitaion)

Am             F                      C           G5          
sick of being around something that's destined to fail 

        Am         F             G5        
and the sum of its parts can not see, they make me 

A5   D5
hate life, 

A5   D5
hate friends, 
A5   D5 
hate being there 

Last Verse:
  C5                 B/C            Am
i know that it's not funny but it's true 

G5                      F
no one gives a shit but you 

C5              B/C               Am
maybe i'll just swallow all these thoughts 

G5                       F
maybe someday you'll stop 

anthony curtis

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About the artist behind Love Story Chords:

Lagwagon is an American punk rock/skate punk band originally based in the small town Goleta located just outside Santa Barbara, California. The name "Lagwagon" originally started as the name of a van in which they used to tour. A picture of the Lagwagon can be seen on the backside of the album Trashed. They have released nine albums through Fat Wreck Chords. Lead singer Joey Cape is also in the punk rock cover band Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, the Playing Favorites, and the now defunct Bad Astronaut.

The band went on hiatus around 2000 and reunited in 2002 with a come back album Blaze, which was released in the following year. The group insists that they never broke up, merely taking a brief hiatus with plans to record again. In 2004, Joey released a split acoustic album together with No Use for a Name vocalist Tony Sly, which features acoustic versions of songs by both bands. Their latest album, entitled Resolve, was released on the 1st of November 2005 and is a homage to the life of Derrick Plourde, original drummer for Lagwagon and Bad Astronaut.

Despite earlier reports that Lagwagon would begin work on their next studio album, the band has announced plans to tour Europe in the summer of 2008. Frontman Joey Cape has also been busy working on his first solo album.[5] According to posts on the message board of Lagwagon's official website, it is unlikely that they will make a new album this year, partly due to Cape's solo commitments. [1] [2]

On June 5th, 2008, it was reported in a blog on Fat Wreck Chords' myspace page that Lagwagon were in the studio putting finishing touches on their latest EP release entitled I Think My Older Brother Used To Listen To Lagwagon. The announced date of release is August 19th.

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