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Hungry Chords
Kosheen - Hungry

Em            G                   Em
You're like a child with old eyes,
                      G                       Em
cynical and sensible, always full of surprises
          G             Em
you travel far and wide
                       G                Em
looking for the feeling, lost inside you
            G                Em
They don't understand you, no
G                  Em
until it's too late
                        G         Em
with everything they've handed you
on a silver plate

A      C       G
Are you hungry for a little more
G                           A
than what you've had before?
        C      G
Are you hungry for a taste of life?
G                  A            C       G
wet your appetite, are you hungry?

Em              G            Em
Now give me this mountainside
            G             Em
cool waters to lie beside
              G              Em
give me these two strong eyes
                     G                      Em
to see the difference between truth and lies
                 G      Em                    G
Ah, give me this feeling when you kiss me baby
every day and every night
             G         Em
That's all I need, yes
Everything is.. gonna be all right


Em            G                    Em                G
You're like a sight for sore eyes, lyrical and gentle
borderlining sentimental
              G              Em
You're like a dream realised
so why do I keep falling back to sleep,

I'm so serious and deep.



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About the artist behind Hungry Chords:

Kosheen are a British trip hop, drum and bass and rock group based in Bristol, England. The trio consists of producers Markee Substance (b. Mark Morrison 1974, Springburn, Glasgow) and Darren Decoder (b. Darren Beale 1974, Bristol), with singer and song writer Sian Evans.

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