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I Am Free Tab
Artist: The Kinks
Song: I Am Free
Tabbed by: JOhn Leadman

INTRO: (bass g-a-b) C  F  C  G7  C  F  C

G                      F                 C  F  C  G7  C  F  C
Sailing in-between the land, the air and me.

G                          F                   D7           G7 /f /e /d
Confusion never dawns, cuz frame of mind tells me that I am free.    I am

C    F   C   G7   C   F   C

G                         F             C  F  C  G7  C  F  C
Doors are opened wide, no credits to be seen.

G                         F                  D7                    G7 /f /e /d
Sail with me my friend, I need someone, it's dark and it could get lonely.  I am

C  F  C  G7  C  F  C

     C  F  C  G7  C  F  C
I am free.

G                    F            C  F  C  G7  C  F  C
I don't care to be a singularized machine.

G                               F               D7                   G7 /f
/e /d
To aid the law and talk(??) and convalesce when society doesn't need me.
I am

C  F  C  G7  C  F  C  G7  C  F  C  G7  C
Free            ee           ee        ee.

Here's the solo for I Am Free:


Then play   C   F   C   G7   C   F   C



Which goes into   C   F   C   G7   C   F   C again while Dave sings "I am
free . . ."

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About the artist behind I Am Free Tab:

The Kinks were an English pop/rock group formed in 1963, and categorised as a British Invasion band, along with the other members of the so-called Big Four (The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and The Who). Despite being less commercially successful than these three contemporaries, mostly because of a four-year ban from the United States in the mid-to-late 1960s, the Kinks are cited among them as one of the most important and influential rock bands of all time and have 12 top 40 hits in America.[1]

The band's early hard-driving singles set a standard in the mid-1960s for rock and roll, while albums such as Face to Face,[2] Something Else, The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society, Arthur and Muswell Hillbillies are highly regarded by fans, critics, and peers, and are considered amongst the most influential recordings of the era.[3]

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