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Waiting For The Day Chords
Title: Waiting For The Day
Artist: Bachelor Girl
Album: Waiting For The Day

	A	x02220		Em	022000
	F6	xx3232		Dm	xx0231
	G	320003		F	xx3211
	Fmaj7	xx3210		Bbmaj7	xx3232
	F#m	122111		D	xx0232
	C#m	x46654		E	022100

Intro	|A	|F6	|G	|A	|

	|A	|F6	|G    (let it ring for 2 bars)

Verse	|A	|F6	|G	|A	|

	|A	|F6	|G	|A	|

	|Fmaj7	|Em	|Dm	|Bbmaj7	|

	|F	|G	|A	|A	|

	   A		  F6	  G		      A
	I guess I had no reason, talking to you that way

		A	  F6	  G		    A
	It's just so unexpected, seeing you here today

	    Fmaj7		Em	  Dm			Bbmaj7
	Why now? Has it been long enough for all the hurt to fade?

	 F	     G		     A
	Oh, how I'm waiting for the day

	    A		   F6		  G			A
	I guess I had no business, asking who you're hanging 'round

	     A			F6		G		A
	You like to keep your secrets, it's a lesson I've learnt now

		   Fmaj7	    Em			Dm	    Bbmaj7
	But don't act like I feel nothing for you and everything's OK

	 F	     G		     A
	Oh, how I'm waiting for the day

Bridge	|F#m	|D	|C#m	|F#m	|

	|G	|G	|F#m	|F#m	|

	|F#m	|D	|C#m	|F#m	|

	|G	|G	|E  (let it ring)

	 F#m			D		C#m		F#m
	Seems that you've been kind enough to spare my innocence

	     G					F#m
	And let me keep my illusions safe from harm

	     F#m		 D		    C#m		   F#m
	To think when friends reveal the truth I'd leap to your defence

	  G					E
	Strange the way the cruelest cuts have come

		A		    F6			G		A
	It's late I guess I'll be going, but don't expect me to wish you well

		A		      F6		      G		A
	There's too much gone between us, whatever's left now I can't tell

		Fmaj7		   Em			Dm	     Bbmaj7
	But I know, there'll be a time when I won't crumble like today

		Fmaj7		 Em			Dm		Bbmaj7
	No I, won't feel like screaming out should I see you glance my way

	    Fmaj7		Em		      Dm       Bbmaj7	Em
	Yes I might find some bright new future that you can't steal away

	    F	     G		     A
	Oh, how I'm waiting for the day

Play F G A x 15

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About the artist behind Waiting For The Day Chords:

Bachelor Girl was an Australian pop band, formed in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia in 1992 that consists of singer Tania Doko and writer/instrumentalist James Roche. Their debut single, "Buses and Trains", was an international hit, but subsequent releases have only impacted Australian charts.

The band formed in 1992 when songwriter and record producer James Roche met vocalist Tania Doko.[1] Roche was creating a demo tape of a song he wrote for and Australian girl group, Girlfriend, and when his original singer canceled, he recruited Doko. The duo began writing and recording and started and put together a demo CD and performed several Melbourne showcases looking for a record deal and found a deal with Gotham Records in 1997, after Sony rejected them.[1]

The band split in 2003 after the release of their second album proved less than successful. Tania is now trying to resurrect her career with her new band She Said Yes whilst James has gone into music production.

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