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Stratford On Guy
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From: devastator mike controller 
Date: Mon, 10 Jul 1995 13:31:47 -0400
Subject: liz phair tabs

anyway, they're pretty darn near exactly what's on the cd.  i didn't
think i'd be able to figger out the jingly part on soap star joe, but i
think you'll find i did a nifty job.  i done reel good on
stratford-on-guy too, if i do say so myself.   enjoy!!

i don't know the lyrics for these tunes by heart, so i wasn't able to
type out the lyrics with the chords on top.  you'll have to figure out
where the chord changes are by playing along with the album.  pretty
straightforward though...

e shape barre crds.  play just the 2 low strings.
to make things easy, numbers in parentheses indicate the fret to play the
chord at.  for example, B5 (7) =

e ---
                        B ---
                        G ---
                        D ---
                        A -9-
                        E -7-

slide up & down between crds like on the album

funky drum thang...


(7)         (3)   (10)    (2)
        B5           G5   D5      F#5
        i was flying into chicago at nite...

(8)          (3)   (2)
        C5           G5    F#5
        blah blah blah


chorus (listen to cd to figure rhythm & how many times to play each crd)

Asus2   Am        D    funkyE... repeat (Am D E) A few times

shapes: e--0------0--1--2---2----4---|
                      1*      2*

1* =    play a regular Am and add your pinky to the high e string to get
        the other 2 crds

2* =    just slide the D crd up 2 frets

ok, i guess this file is getting long, so i'll post songs separately...

send presents and/or cash to...

-jeff kim
 [email protected]
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