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Leap Of Innocence
Liz Phair
Leap Of Innocence
Somebody's Miracle
Submitted by: [email protected]

Key: Eb

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
Eb - x68886
Fm - 133111
Bb - x13331
G# - 466544
C# - x46664
Cm - x35543
Gm - 355333

Intro: Eb-Fm-Bb- x2

Verse 1:
      C#      Cm
I saw John he looked so sad
  C#                    Cm
I want you to know that I feel 
            C#                     Cm
bad for not making our dreams come true
       C#                    Cm
We had so many dreams me and you
              Bb  Cm       C#
I want you to know  I love you
                   Bb    Cm       C#
You're my favorite thing from the past
And all of those nights we 
 Cm     C#             Bb
spent together I never had such a blast

Chorus 1:
Eb           G#
Anyone could tell you
were my instrument 
          G#    Eb
he said I understand 
   G#               Bb G#
you  You wanna play me
Eb          G#
Everything about us 
had an innocence
         G#     Eb
but everything around 
  G#    Bb
us  was changing

Verse 2:
It's hard to believe so 
much happened so fast
Remember the way 
we always laughed
While thinking of 
things to do
We were kings of the 
world me and you
I wish it has stayed 
     Cm      C#
like that forever
But everyone was 
Bb       Cm       C#
dropping off like flies
      Bb      Cm           C#
I had so many friends in rehab
A couple who practically died

(Repeat Chorus)

    Eb    G#
And my mistake was 
      Cm      Bb
being already married
Eb        G#
  I wanna make a leap 
   Cm  Bb
of innocence to you

Interlude: Eb-G#-Bb--Eb-Fm-Bb--

Verse 3:        
I guess when you were 
Gm         C#
living the high life
It's one of those things 
that just can't last
             Bb      Cm  C#
Kind of like love in California
But I never had such a blast

(Repeat Chorus)

    Eb    G#
And My mistake is thinking 
Cm          Bb
I'd already made it
Eb        G#
  I wanna make a 
        Cm  Bb
leap of innocence
Eb      G#
  My mistake is thinking 
Cm            Bb
you and I can change it
Eb      G#
I wanna make a leap 
   Cm  Bb       Eb-Fm-Bb-- x4
of innocence to you
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