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Confusion Chords
Composed and Arranged by Kevin M. Thomas
Copyright  2003 Kevin M. Thomas

D Dm F G E D Dm F C E D Dm F G E D Dm F C E

Dsus4            D             Dm     Dsus2
Running like the waters in the ocean, 
     Dsus4              D              Dm    Dsus2
your mind is filled and wavers side-to-side. 
     Dsus4         D               Dm     Dsus2
Your concentration always seems to slide, 
Dsus4        D                Dm    Dsus2
Focus on the here and now sometime. 

Dsus4           D               Dm    Dsus2 
Remember in the days of distant past, 
Dsus4            D               Dm    Dsus2
gave your mind vacation from the task. 
Dsus4            D             Dm    Dsus2
Need you must to simplify your life, 
Dsus4              D               Dm    Dsus2
need to trust your instinct deep inside. 

D    Dm     F          G        E 
Confusion - what to do in life. 
D    Dm     F                C         E
Confusion - jumbled thoughts in sight. 
D    Dm            F          G        E
Confusion - you've got to get control. 
D    Dm            F            C         E
Confusion - it can slowly choke the soul.

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