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God You Reign
Chords used: A (x03330), D (xx0232), D/B (x20232), D/F# (200232), Dsus4 (xx0233), G5 (320033)

INTRO: D Dsus4 D Dsus4 D D D Dsus4

D               Dsus4
 You paint the night
D                Dsus4                     D/B
 You count the stars and You call them by name
The skies proclaim
         D      Dsus4
God You reign
D             Dsus4
 Your glory shines
D               Dsus4                   D/B
 You teach the sun when to bring a new day
           G5            D
Creation sings God You reign

D   D/F# G5  
God You reign
God You reign
             D/B   G
Forever and ever
God You reign

D              Dsus4
 You part the seas
D               Dsus4                            D/B
 You move the mountains with the words that You say
My song remains
         D      Dsus4
God you reign
D             Dsus4
 You hold my life
D             Dsus4                    D/B
 You know my heart and You call me by name
           G5          D
I live to say God You reign

Repeat chorus (x2)

D/F# A  G  D   D/F# A  D
Hal-le-lu-jah, hal-le-lu   (x4)

Repeat chorus (x4)

Instrumental: D Dsus4 (x3)

Repeat chorus (x2)

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About the artist behind God You Reign:

Lincoln Brewster (born July 30, 1971 in Fairbanks, Alaska) is a Christian music artist and pastor. A multi-talented guitarist, singer, and songwriter, Brewster became a sought-after session guitarist in the early 90s.

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