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American Junk Chords
Title: American Junk
Artist: Kamikazee Vs Parokya ni Edgar
Album: Kami nAPO Muna ULIT
Chords by: Mark Jesson Galera
Contact No: 09198408399
Friendster Account: [email protected]
School: Lorma Colleges
Date Tab: October, 2007

Tuning: Standard

Leave me alone to my 3r world devices,
I don't need your technology 
You Just wants my natural resources
And then you leave me poor and in misery
F                                G
3rd world blues is what I got, Troubles, yes I got A lot

C                 F
American Junk, get out of my bloodstream
 C                        F
American Junk, I can only take so much
C                        F             C
American Junk, Gotta get back to who I am

Verse 2:
You can call it new music
I can it pollution, Your music I now see on my television
(American Top 40)
Why is it now I can only sing (da da da da)
In english language that you can people bring
Why is it now that they only play
Top 40 music on tv and Radio
(repeat Refrain 2x)
Its been so lonh since I had a glance of what I Think
I really Am
(repeat Refrain 3x) 

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About the artist behind American Junk Chords:

Kamikazee is a rock band from the Philippines composed of Jay Contreras (Lead Vocalist), Jomal Linao (Guitars/Back-up Vocals), Led Zeppelin Tuyay (Guitars), Jason "Puto" Astete (Bass Guitar) and Allan "Bords" Burdeos (drums).

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