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Walking And Whistling Blues
(written by Les Paul) whistling to be inserted by those that can!
Foot tap to the walking beat! (I play with Capo on II)


As I walk through the city
   A                              E      E7
Walking and whistling down this lonely street
   A                                                    E       E7
Counting the lamp posts and whistling the blues to the walking beat
        A                      B7             E
Will I ever find that someone that I long to meet

    E    E7          E  E7        E    E7      E  E7
    And walk        And walk      And walk    And walk

        A                                      E     E7
When I think of my baby and I remember how he let me down
  A                                                  E     E7
Gotta keep walking and whistling the blues to this lonely town
         A7                    B7          E
And the echo of my footsteps follows me around

Shadows on my left
Shadows on my right
E                                      E7
Guess I’ll be walking the rest of the ni….ght
Looking for someone, maybe its you
 E                               E7
Someone to keep me from feeling blue
       A7                 B7                  E      E7
And to help me lose…..these walking and whistling blues

B7     E      E7   E
Do do do do do doooooooooooo
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