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Dear God Chords
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      D                               C
Dear God, I hate to be a bother but I gotta say
This world is getting crazier with every day
                                F               C
I hope You hear me out now as I stop and pray
      D                                     C
Dear God, people take Your words and try to twist 'em round
I know you can't be happy with what's going down
Searching for some answers but they can't be found
        C                  D    C    G
Can You help me out, Dear God
D    C    G
      D                                   C
Dear God, just the other night I heard somebody say,
"What's the use believin' in You anyway?"
I guess it was just heartache talking through the pain
        C                 D
It's a cryin' shame, Dear God
I know You're disappointed in the things we've done
Can't they see the truth that they're all running from
Tryin' to preach Your message with a loaded gun
          C                 D    C    G
What they thinkin' of? Dear God
 C   D   C   G   C
[Ohhh...  Oooo]
F            C                     G
Everybody's searchin' for an easy solution, yeah
          Am               F                   C
they can't see beyond the selfish world they're livin' in
F                     C                    G
Your words of love get lost in all the confusion, yes they do
       D            C                     G
But I still believe, someday You're gonna speak to me
Dear God
I know You've got a million other calls to take
You're dealin' with a lot of things that just won't wait
                                     F           C
But there is one request that I just gotta make
Dear God
Won't You send a sign down just to ease my doubt
I'm tryin' to hear You but the silence is so loud
I think I see a rainbow from behind the clouds
       C                  D
And I hear You now, Dear God

(end on D)

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About the artist behind Dear God Chords:

The Jonas Brothers are an American pop-rock band from Wyckoff, New Jersey made up of three brothers: Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas. They have released two albums - It's About Time in 2006, and Jonas Brothers in 2007, and will release A Little Bit Longer in 2008.

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