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Piyar Bina
"Pyar Bina" - Junoon - Parvaaz

Author: Nauman Fakhar

(G) Pyar bina, hum ju (C) da tum (D) Juda
(G) Pyar bina, kya ba (C) shar kya (D) Khudaaa,
Pyar bi (F) naaa (C) Pyaar bi (G) na

(G last 2 strings silent) Dil say (Am) Dil koo (F) eee
nazdeek (C) aata (G) rahay


(G last 2 strings silent) Aur
(Am) roohon ka (F) roohon say
(C) naata (G) rahay


(G) Zinda (Dm) gee (Dsus4) kuch (Dm) naa (G) hin
(G) Banda (Dm) gee (Dsus4) kuch (Dm) naa (G) hin
(G)Pyar bi (F) naa (C) Pyaar bi (G) naa.



The rest of the song follows the same progression.

Here are the lyrics for the rest of the song:

Pyar to hai Lagan pyar to hai junoon,
Siraf milnay say milta nahin hai sukoon.

Rooh Pyaasi rahay,
Aik Udaasi rahay,
Pyar bina, Pyar bina.

Usman Haroon
[email protected]
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About the artist behind Piyar Bina:

Junoon (Urdu: جنون) (meaning "obsession" in Urdu and "madness" in Arabic) is one of Pakistan and South Asia's most popular Rock bands, based out of Karachi, Pakistan, and formed in 1990 by guitarist/songwriter/medical doctor Salman Ahmad. Junoon is considered to be one of the most successful bands in the history of music in South Asia. It basically comes in the genre of Sufi rock. At the time, Junoon consisted of two other members: Ali Azmat on vocals and Nusrat Hussain on keyboards.

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