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Simple Man
                        Simple Man " Junkyard

Intro: D   C   G  (Riff)   D  x 2

Riff:           D:         0
                A:   0  2     2

Verse 1
D                             C                                                          G
You can take a boy out of the filth but that don't make him clean
D                                                                    C
You could make my life easier baby but that don't make it any less I've 
D                                                       C                                           G
Just cause your acting so nice don't mean you'll get a thing from me
D                                                             C
Don't throw your pennies in the wishing well cause what you get is what 
you see

G              D                 G                       D
Lord I'm a simple man Ain't too much I need
G                        C                                                         G
I ain't asking for all of your love just give me what you can and set me 

Verse 2
D                  C             G                    D
You scream and cry all night long Lord you're killing me
D                C                    G                      D
I never meant to put you down I never gave you any reason to grieve
D                C                  G                     D
sometimes when I feel so boxed in I want to go and take a ride
D                    C              G                  D
Grab the keys and my cigarettes and disappear into the night

Ahh, C'mon and set me free

(Chords same as verse)

Verse 3
D                     C             G                 D
You can lead this old horse to a bar you can buy me a drink
D                          C                      G                 D
you can lead me just about anywhere sometimes I’m just too tired to think
D             C                    G                D
Never took anything from you that I couldn't return twice
D          C                 G                   D
Never understand why I never listened to my own advice


D                    C                       G                        D
I ain't asking for all of your love I ain't asking for all your love 
D                    C                    G
I ain't asking for all of your love just give me what you can and set me 

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