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She Might Get Shot
G G7

[Verse 1]
G                      C                         Am   F          
She would do it if you told her she wouldn't get hurt
A#        C    
Afraid of air, 
A#             G   F   
she might get shot
G                           C                              Am  F
She read books because they told her that's what should be read
A#           C  A#              G F A      
Now watch her wear, glasses fit fine

[Bridge 1]
I need now to know if you
D          A
Deserve my blessing
D         A
I'm now addressing 
        E    A
Who you are

[Piano Solo]
G C Am F A# C A# G F

[Verse 2]
G                     C                     Am F 
In motion she'll do tomorrow what she did today
A#    C A#
Scary way
            G F A
Of spending time

[Bridge 2]
Try your hardest, now to be 
D          A
Instead of thinking 
D            A
That creates shrinking 
E            A   Amaj7 G#
Bye good bye

[cheering comes in]
G   G7  G   G7

[spoken part]
G                            G7
Thanks to leather, Thanks to fur
G                         G7 
Thanks today I say to her
G                                     G7
For standing by her tasteful taste of wearing what she wears
G              G7
What a beauty, Now I see her
G              G7
Wearing leather wearing fur
G   G7

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