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"Missy (How i wish you where here)"
Words/Music by Josh Smith

>this song was written for a good friend of mine who got killed in a
 car wreck the summer before our sophmore year of high school<

[D]time and time again when i see your [C]face
[C]it takes me back to a time and [Am]place
[Am]it just makes me say how i wish you were [G]here

[D]but i know that your really [C]gone
[C]i think back has it been that [Am]long
[Am]it just makes me say how i wish you [G]here

[D]missy i say that i dont know where to [C]start
[C]but you'll always have a special place in my[Am] heart
[Am]in my dreams i pray how i wish you were [G]here

[D]year after year after year i've sat down and [C]cried
[C]thought back to a special place in [Am]time
[Am]when i knew when i knew yes i knew you were [G]here

[D]But i know that your happy in your home [C]above
[C]i pray to God to send you my [Am]love
[Am]your smile, the memories how i wish you were [G]here

>>>>>>chorus X2(strum thru chorus chords and end on the 2nd "G"
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