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Hope - Josh Lehman
Song was inspired by the ALS Movement.
If you want the chords/tabs to a certain song or have a few CCs in mind,
leave it in the comments. I worked really hard on this, I hope you guys appreciate the effort.
Just made this one by ear and I'm not much of a great guitarist myself.
x = muted string | Number = Fret
0 = open string  |
Chords used:
(Am)     (B#m)   (C)      (Dm)    (G)      (Em)   
e--0--   e--0--  e--0--   e--0--  e--3--   e--0--|  
B--1--   B--3--  B--5--   B--6--  B--3--   B--0--|  
G--0--   G--0--  G--5--   G--7--  G--0--   G--0--| 
D--2--   D--0--  D--5--   D--7--  D--0--   D--2--| 
A--0--   A--2--  A--3--   A--5--  A--2--   A--2--| 
E--x--   E--x--  E--x--   E--x--  E--3--   E--0--| 

In 2nd part of song: Alternative chords
(Dm)    (C)     (G6)    (A/Gm7) (A/Fmaj7)
e--0--  e--0--  e--0--  e--0--  e--0--|
B--6--  B--5--  B--12-  B--13-  B--1--|
G--5--  G--5--  G--0--  G--0--  G--2--|
D--x--  D--5--  D--x--  D--x--  D--3--|
A--5--  A--3--  A--10-  A--12-  A--0--|
E--x--  E--x--  E--x--  E--x--  E--x--|

(Key of A)
Am B#m C  Dm Cm B#m

Am      B#m   C
Hope is not a fickle thing
         Dm            C          B#m
Though I change, and I grow and I bleed.
Am   B#m  C 
Hope is a different thing,
                 Dm              C       B#m
Then feeling the strength that I used to feel.

G             Am Em         C  
Hope, find me out, for I am hopeless~\
G             Am Em         C         } (Normal C chord = x32010)
Hope, find me out, for I am hopeless~/

Am            C
Hope will not disappoint
        Dm         C          B#m
For the man deep inside will emerge
Am           C
My body will disappoint,
        Dm        C           B#m
Letting go is the lesson I'll learn

G            Am Em         C
Hope find me out, for i am hopeless ~\
G            Am Em         C          } x 2 (Normal C Chord = x32010)
Hope find me out, for i am hopeless ~/

**2nd Part of song:**
Dm          C
What do you hope in?
      G6              A/Gm7
Where does your faith lie?
Dm       C              G6           A/Gm7
Faster approaching, the day that you die.
        Dm         C
Are you living for you?
         G6       A/Gm7
Hear the Father's reply,
Come to me
          C         G6  (muted strumming)
Cast your all on my Son
      A/Fmaj7 C G
Jesus Christ
      A/Fmaj7 C G
Jesus Christ

G              Am  Em
Hope, found me out!   \
           C           \ 
When I was hopeless!    \
G              Am  Em    } (Normal C chord = x32010)
Hope, found me out!     /
           C           / 
When I was hopeless.  /
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