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Bright Eyes Tab
The whole song is basically the same. Which is why i went through the process of
for this thing so it can be done semi right. I listened to it, and he hits certain bass notes 
my version which is prolly the same throught, but the rest may vary i dont know.

    E|--8--|          E|--1--|    |--8--|         E|--3--|
    a|--10-|          a|--3--|    |--8--|         a|--5--|
C:  d|--10-|      F:  d|--3--| or |--10-|     G:  d|--5--|
    g|--9--|          g|--2--|    |--10-|         g|--4--|
    b|--8--|          b|--1--|    |--10-|         b|--3--|
    e|--10-|          e|--1--|    |--8--|         e|--3--|

        C             F                      C          G               C
|---------------------------------|   |-----------------3-------------------|
|-------8-----8-------1--1--3--1--|   |----8---8---3-----3-----------------8|
|-------9-----9-------2---------2-|   |----9---9----4-----4-----4----------9|
|-------10----10----3-------------| x3|----10--10----------5---5----------10|
|----10------------3--------------|   |--10-----------5-----------------10--|
|--8--------8---------------------|   |-8-----8--3-----------3---3-5-7-8----|


basically just follow the pattern in the intro. The first part. He will use the second 
but you will be good little musicians and find out where.

---in the song when Jason says:---

"Growin' older more into a man"

on "man", he plays the A string 9th fret. That's it.

"...the day we spent in miles.."

on "miles", keepp the Fchord,and take the 3rd fret on the d string and move it to the 4th.

-This part is a bit different:

                      F                     C
And she sang 'let the sun shine in. And face it with a grin.'
         G                                 C
Oh smilers they never lose. Oh and frowners, they never win.
            F                      C
Oh let the sun shine in. And face it with a grin.
          G                      C    F*   C
Oh fill your heart, and let the sun shine in.

"..stored away in the corner of my heart.."

on "my", again keep the F, and take the 3rd on the d and move it to 4.

< reg. pattern>

"..take that day away from me. Oh no."  strum C, G, C

F* really at any point in the song you can play either version of F. Here i find it 
to use the second one, using the A string as the bass note. It's a fairly quick change.

That's it. cool. peace out.

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About the artist behind Bright Eyes Tab:

Jason Thomas Mraz (pronounced /'dʒeɪsən ˈɱɹæz/; born June 23, 1977) is an American singer-songwriter, born and raised in Mechanicsville, Virginia, a suburb of Richmond.[1]

Mraz is an eclectic artist with multiple and varied stylistic influences, including pop, rock, folk, jazz, country, and hip hop. He has played with various artists, including The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Dave Matthews Band, James Blunt, Gavin DeGraw, Paula Cole, John Popper, Alanis Morissette, The Ohio Players, Rachael Yamagata, Jewel and Colbie Caillat.[citation needed]

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