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Darkest Light
This is a great, simple song from Jono McCleery, if you haven't heard him you may want 
look him up.

The whole song is played Capo 3:

Thinking 2/4 time:
1bar  1bar   1bar   1bar
E     F#m    C#m    C#m pull off and hammer on finger holding G string

All chords for 1 line each

Singing these words:

You  have been,
So strong in my mind today.
That who I love,
Stands in my way.

Keeps me from trying,
Who am I to say?
My love is dying,
To be on your way.

Why am I always
Drawn to the darkest light?
Seems that I,
I believe I can help but try.

Let me see,
The lines upon your face.
Invite me in,
To dance in your darkest place,
To dance in your darkest place,
To dance in your darkest place,
Can we dance in your darkest place?

Ooo ooo ooo, oooo ooooo, duh duh duh, duh duh duh, (in time with hammer-ons) X4

End on C#m

It can obviously also be played no capo G, Am, Em and hammer there, but it is less 
I feel, and this is how it was wrote.
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Quick tip, so you can enjoy Darkest Light even more:

You might want to transpose the song if it is too high or too low for you to sing. Just click the desired option while playing a song and all the chords will automatically be transponded into a new key.

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