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One Day Chords
Itchy poopzkid - One day

G                    D
I waste my time on a lazy day
E                        Bm
don't know what to do or what to say
C                            G
I'm just hanging 'round with my best friends
C                       D
we've got a band but we ain't got fans

G                        D
dreaming of playing in the big halls
E                        Bm
while we rehearse between grafitti filled walls
C                        G
it's only punk-rock and it's quite fucked up
C                         D
still we play in this old youth-club

but I know
one day
E               Bm
we will be rich punkrock-stars
C               G
with bodyguards expensive cars
C             D
and groupies all night long

we've got no money, yeah, we're almost broke
we've got no label we ain't losing hope
to live on it is so far away
but we still hope it's gonna be this way

every day you're telling us to quit
but we are sure there's gonna be a hit
born to lose - but we don't give a fuck
you can be sure, we're never giving up

but I know
one day
we will be rich punkrock-stars
with bodyguards expensive cars
and groupies all night long

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