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White Plains
                     WHITE PLAINS - John Vanderslice
From Cellar Door LP
Tabbed by: cdmoser
Email:  [email protected]

Tuning: standard

Chords:  G,C,Em,Am,C,D

G                      C
on the sunday after the mason dance
         G                C
it’s the one day I can remember when
          G                    C
I felt so pure and really at peace with myself
          G                         C
I was in love, the sun sang down victorious

Em            G         Am            D
but the truth is that I have no faith in happiness
             Em              G
it turns to fear, draws the devils near
    Am           D
so I jumped the fence
             C (walk down to Am)   
and went out west

Alternate between these two chords for the verses:
      G    C

    Em   G    Am   D       C walk down

Back to verse chords:

got a sales job as a pharmaceutical rep
lived out of hotels, rental cars and a stowable bag
I drove all day " from hospital pacing and clinic sweats
I drove all night " I couldn’t ever sleep now anyway"

"I tried, but the old devils, they found me in my room
I hid under the covers and cried out as they tore off my sheets
so I went east"

I’m long gone
I’m up the river
way past Mekong"

"but the old devils, they found me in my hut
they poured through the windows, they cornered me
and I cried out, to no one: “I give up.”

End on Am
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About the artist behind White Plains:

John Vanderslice (born May 22, 1967 in Gainesville, Florida) is an American musician, formerly of mk Ultra but now performing with his own band.

Indexed at Wikipedia.

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