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So Close
SO CLOSE by John Mclaughlin
***my guitar version from the keyboard version (im not that good in guitar so sorry)


E          A  E
You’re in my arms

A      B         E
And all the world is calm

A      B-Abm     B   - Amaj7
The music playing on for only two

Abm     A  
So close together

B                 B7
 And  when I’m with you

Abm     F#      Bsus  - B 
So close to feeling alive

E      A     E
A life  goes by

A      B          E
Romantic dreams will stop

A     B      Abm        B  - Amaj7
So I bid mine goodbye and never knew

Abm      A  
So close was waiting,

Bsus              B
waiting here with you

Abm - F#        F#m          B  
And  now   forever I  know All
        A   F#m      B 
that I wanted   to hold you

So close

Bbm7      B             F#          C# 
So  close to reaching that famous happy end

Bbm7   B      F#               C#
Almost  believing this was not pretend

Bbm7      B         F#             Ebm7 - Ab7
now  you’re beside me and look how far we’ve come

F#   C#     F# - F#sus   F# *break*
So far we are so close

Instrumental: (verse way of playing) [this part i guessed!!! sorry! TT_TT)

Ebm7        C#         B      F#
Oh How could I face the faceless days

Ebm7      F7       Bbsus    Bb      C#
If I should lose you now?

C#     Bbm7      B           F#          C#
We’re so    close to reaching that famous happy end

Bbm7     B     F#              C#
almost   believing this was not pretend

Bbm7 -   B           F#               Ebm7
Let’s go on dreaming       for  we know we are

So close

So close

And still so far

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