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Singing Axe
Album - Singing Axe

Listen to the song for hammer-ons/pull offs.

D/F#   - 20023x
Dm/F#  - 10023x
E7sus4 - 02023x
E7     - 02013x
Asus   - xx023x
Am/D*  - 20021x
Am/D   - x0021x
G      - 355xxx

D/F#    Dm/F#   E7sus4  E7

[Verse 1]
           Asus           A        C         E
It's been a brutal existence for most, this far
         F              C            Asus       Am/D*  Am/D
We were clawin' in the dirt, we were dyin' in birth
        G                      E        F     C
We were grindin' grain in the noon day suuuuuun
             G               E             F             Am
With mad men spitting bloody feathers to appease the demons
D/F#    Dm/F#   E7sus4  E7

[Verse 2]
           Asus          A          C         E
It's been a Godless existence, for some, this far
        F          C         Asus          Am/D*  Am/D
We were breaking bread, in a brotherhood of men
            G               E             F          C
Now I can't recall a single memory of our universal past
                G             E               F                  Am
And I've never felt a drop of blood fall from beneath my singing axe

D/F#    Dm/F#   E7sus4  E7

Asus  A  C  E

[Verse 3]
           Asus               A       C               E
It's been a voiceless wilderness for most, of us this far
                F               C
And there's no prophet on the mount
      Asus                   Am/D*  Am/D
Whose words won't be drowned out
        G               E              F             C
By our locust finger's clicking never ending in our laps
          G          E              F               Am
We traded in divine inheritance to break our pagan masks
          G             E             F               Am
Are there none who walk among us who remember what we had

D/F#  Dm/F#  E7sus4  E7  Am
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Quick tip, so you can enjoy Singing Axe even more:

If you don't really know how to deal with "Absus4" chord and his equally confusing brothers, just put the mouse cursor over them and you will be shown a helpful chord diagram.

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