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Chemical Heart Chords
This is pretty rough, but no-one else has put anything in so
be grateful.

This is the basic riff, repeated a fair bit.

   D                C         G


The chords are shown above as D C G, but it could be Em not G.
I haven?t heard the song for a while but I think G sounds better.

I think the chords for the chorus are:

D:	xx0232
C?:	xx0565
E?:	xx0787

D		       C?     E?    C?
Can?t get started, 	   chemical heart

I tabbed this from the version they played on the Panel. Not the best
Grinners song but very popular.


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About the artist behind Chemical Heart Chords:

Grinspoon are an Australian post-grunge band from Lismore, fronted by Phil Jamieson with Pat Davern on guitar, Joe Hansen on bass, and Kristian Hopes on drums.

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