Our partnership with 911tabs continues

2011/07/26 | Posted under: Infos

As many of you have probably already noticed, we’ve been partners with the guys over at 911tabs.com for quite some time now. We love their website and they told us they’re quite fond of our website as well. Which is great. :D

Just now we’re talking about forming an even closer partnership that will most certainly be mutually beneficial and will only be good for you – our visitors.

Have Fun & Rock On! :D

Mobile version of YourChords.com

2011/02/12 | Posted under: Infos, Tech stuff

Those of you who have been using the mobile version of YourChords.com in the past have probably noticed that it’s not completely polished out just yet. Well, that’s why it has that annoying Beta sticker, right? :D

Well, we’re still working on it and you can expect us to come out with a better and more stable version any week now.


2010 was a great year for us!

2011/02/08 | Posted under: Infos

If you’re a fan of guitar chords and music in general, we sincerely hope you keep coming back to YourChords.com. We just did some in-depth analysis of the year 2010 and we figured out it was a tremendous year for us.

Let’s compare January 2010 vs January 2011 and take a look at a couple of numbers:

- pageviews: 1,600,000 vs 2,700,000, we grew 68%
- daily visits: 14,000 vs 40,000, we grew 185%
- unique monthly visitors: 325,000 vs 909,000, we grew 179%

We sincerely hope this trend continues, and we hope you keep coming back to our Guitar Chords Archive!

And thank you, none of this would’ve been possible without you! :D

Time flies … and we’re just getting bigger!

2011/02/04 | Posted under: Infos

It’s February already, it’s kinda hard to believe it from time to time – how time flies!

Anyhow, we’ve got a big milestone to announce – in January 2011 YourChords.com Guitar Chords Archive reached over 900,000 unique guitarists all over the globe! 909,471 to be exact. This is huge for us and we’ve been waiting for that for quite some time now, but so far each month fell just a little bit short – in October we had 845,000 unique guitarists, in November 840,000, and in December there were 856,000 unique guitarists who visited us!

And soon we’ll post a short analysis of how we did in 2010. ;)


Happy New Year!

2011/01/01 | Posted under: Infos

The whole team behind YourChords.com – Guitar Chords wishes you a

beautiful New Year 2011 !!!

Have loads of fun! :D

YourChords Mobile is now stable!

2010/12/28 | Posted under: Tech stuff

You can check out the version of the Mobile YourChords.com – Guitar Chords Archive at m.yourchords.com!

We still have to implement automatic redirection for everyone who’s browsing the YourChords.com website from their mobile device – right now you only get the mobile version if you explicitly enter m.yourchords.com into your browser.

YourChords Mobile released!

2010/12/05 | Posted under: Tech stuff

Yup, that’s right! You can now comfortly use the YourChords.com guitar archive even from your mobile device, such as your cell phone, iPad, tablet, etc.

You can check the mobile version out here: http://m.yourchords.com

Please keep in mind that this is a “beta” version of the site, and it’s not 100% done, so there might be a few bugs … but enjoy it, nonetheless. ;)

Steady growth …

2010/11/29 | Posted under: Infos

The popularity of YourChords.com – Guitar Chords Archive has been growing quite steadily during 2010 (so far) and we’re very pleased to tell you that we now reach approximately ONE MILLION unique guitar players from all over the world each month!

So, be happy for us ;) and we’ll do our best to make sure YourChords.com stays your favourite guitar-related place on the interwebs. :D

Mobile version is coming

2010/11/25 | Posted under: Infos

We’re working on a mobile version of your favourite website with guitar chords and tabs … you can expect it to be out & about in a week or so. ;)


Redesign Phase 1 COMPLETE!

2010/11/02 | Posted under: Infos

All the changes that you’ve been able to read about on this blog have been performed successfully and that means the Phase 1 of the YourChords.com 2010 Redesign is complete!

There will be 2 or 3 more phases, so you can expect a lot of new functionality and design improvements over the next couple of months!

Have fun! :D

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