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YourChords’s primary server now located in LA!

2012/02/23 | Posted under: Tech stuff

That’s right – the primary server that’s serving pages of the Guitar Archive to our visitors all over the world is now located in Los Angeles, CA. Why did we take this step? Well, the majority of our visitors comes from the States, Canada, and – interestingly enough – Philippines. By moving our primary [...]

We’re moving to a dedicated server

2012/02/11 | Posted under: Infos, Tech stuff

In a couple of minutes we’ll move the amazingly popular website from its current server (where it’s fighting for processing resources with a couple of other websites) to its very own server. This should make the website MUCH faster, much more responsive, and generally improve the user experience quite a bit. P.S. There will [...]

New search algorithms are ready

2011/08/29 | Posted under: Infos, Tech stuff

We’ve just completed a new version of software that will make sure you always find your favourite songs here on – guitar tabs archive. We’re launching it on September 1st (after it passes rigorous testing that we perform on all our products) and you can expect tons of new songs / artists to start [...]

Mobile version of

2011/02/12 | Posted under: Infos, Tech stuff

Those of you who have been using the mobile version of in the past have probably noticed that it’s not completely polished out just yet. Well, that’s why it has that annoying Beta sticker, right? Well, we’re still working on it and you can expect us to come out with a better and more [...]

YourChords Mobile is now stable!

2010/12/28 | Posted under: Tech stuff

You can check out the version of the Mobile – Guitar Chords Archive at! We still have to implement automatic redirection for everyone who’s browsing the website from their mobile device – right now you only get the mobile version if you explicitly enter into your browser.

YourChords Mobile released!

2010/12/05 | Posted under: Tech stuff

Yup, that’s right! You can now comfortly use the guitar archive even from your mobile device, such as your cell phone, iPad, tablet, etc. You can check the mobile version out here: Please keep in mind that this is a “beta” version of the site, and it’s not 100% done, so there might [...]

Facebook Connect

2010/09/11 | Posted under: Infos, Tech stuff

In these days you can expect us to roll out a brand new functionality – Facebook Connect! What does that mean? Well, it means that any one of the 800’000 guitar enthusiasts that visit us each month (and have a facebook account) will be able to become registered members of with one simple click [...]

We’re already working on YouTube videos

2010/08/24 | Posted under: Tech stuff

Yes, you read that right. As we wrote previously, we’ll try to add a music video next to every song with chords and tabs. To do that, we have to study the YouTube API in depth, and it’ll take a couple of days – but we’ll get there sooner or later. So, soon you’ll be [...]

How would you like to set the font size?

2010/07/07 | Posted under: Tech stuff

We’re thinking about introducing the option of making the fonts of guitar chords smaller / larger with a click of a button on the right “Controls” widget. We’re still looking for feedback, so – let us know!


2010/06/20 | Posted under: Tech stuff

How would you like to have the autosuggest enabled here on This means that when you start typing something in the “Artists” search box on top of the website, our system will automatically suggest various artists that you might have in mind. How does this help you? Well, first, it can help you [...]

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