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2008/06/01 | Posted under:

After many sleepless nights and an insane amount of coffee, I can finally proudly present the all-new guitar chords and tabs search engine, YourChords.com. Now let me tell you just a few words about the project …

The sheer size of the thing is, well, astounding. Currently it’s indexing more than 150’000 songs, composed by 7’000 different artists. And that’s just the beginning, the chords just keep on rolling in as the search-spiders keep on indexing various existing archives. But the main thing about YourChords.com is not really the guitar chords and tabs archive – it is the additional stuff that makes the site stand out of the crowd. :)

On the site you can find relevant data about 2’600 artists, exempli gratia: Big Foot Mama chords.

Users are able to use the auto-scroller while playing, they can tranpose the song into a different key (which makes it a lot easier to sing along), they can even check out the chord diagrams for the chords they don’t know. Nope, we’re not even nearly finished here. :D

The whole approach is really community-oriented. Users can rate and comment on all the chords and tabs … And they can post their own video and audio performances as well. Once they do so, other fellow guitarists have the opportunity to rate them and comment on their style and talent. This way the site becomes not only a guitar chords archive, but a place to actually hang out. :D

YourChords.com also offers the Top chords list, Recently played chords list, soon you’ll be able to find the Top performances list as well. And I still have a bunch of other tricks up my sleeve ( :D ), but first I need to see what users think about all that.

So, let’s play some guitar chords and have fun! :D

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