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Update of our database

2010/10/28 | Posted under: Infos

Now you’re able to find over 240’000 songs with chords and tabs by over 21’000 different artists … Enjoy!

YouTube videos available for 85% of our songs!

2010/10/24 | Posted under: Infos

Yep, that’s right! Now you can find YouTube music videos next to 85% of the songs in our database, and you can play those videos while you strum along! Enjoy strumming while listening to the original!

Your Chords – 2 more design changes

2010/10/21 | Posted under: Infos

There are 2 new changes that our most loyal visitors might have already noticed: – there’s more space between elements on the website, so everything feels much less intense; – you can now find improved and much-easier-to-read lists of songs when you’re browsing through songs of one particular artist. We really hope you like these [...]

New design for the rounded boxes

2010/10/15 | Posted under: Infos

You know those red, yellow and green rounded thingies you find across the website? We changed the layout of these, so now they fit in the year 2010. Have fun playing your favourite songs with chords!

Search, search, search!

2010/10/12 | Posted under: Infos

We just turned the search button from the dull gray color to the new bright orange color. Hope you like it.

New search box layout

2010/10/09 | Posted under: Infos

Are you looking for your favourite song with chords? This will be a bit easier from now on, since we’ve just changed the layout of the search box, and made it prettier and more usable. has a new Logo

2010/10/04 | Posted under: Infos

Yup, you can check out the new logo at any page of – Guitar Chords archive.

YourChords redesign is coming along just fine! :)

2010/10/01 | Posted under: Infos

Hey everyone, I’m really glad to tell you that we’re just about to roll out the Phase 1 of Redesign. There will be 3 or 4 phases before everything is updated and all the functionality is added, and the first phase will consist primarily of design changes and we’ll try to make the website [...]

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