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Facebook Connect

2010/09/11 | Posted under: Infos, Tech stuff

In these days you can expect us to roll out a brand new functionality – Facebook Connect! What does that mean? Well, it means that any one of the 800’000 guitar enthusiasts that visit us each month (and have a facebook account) will be able to become registered members of with one simple click [...]

We got forum moderators

2010/09/07 | Posted under: Infos

Yup, that’s right. As of a while ago there are 2 forum moderators, nicknamed bswyers and guitarpix, that will make sure that the Forum stays nice and clean. They’re both great guys, so play nice and we’ll build ourselves an awesome community.

Popular searches by pages

2010/09/04 | Posted under: Infos

Not only are popular searches available on the homepage of YourChords, you can also find them on specific pages of – Guitar Chords and Tabs Archive now! For instance, check the page that contains all artists that start with the letter B. On the right hand side of this page you’ll find a cloud [...]

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