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Popular searches are ready

2010/08/29 | Posted under: Infos

We just added the aforementioned functionality to our website! Simply go to the homepage of and you’ll find a “cloud” of most popular searches. Those artists and songs that are most popular among our visitors are written in largest letters – and those that are just a tiny little bit less popular are written [...]

We’re already working on YouTube videos

2010/08/24 | Posted under: Tech stuff

Yes, you read that right. As we wrote previously, we’ll try to add a music video next to every song with chords and tabs. To do that, we have to study the YouTube API in depth, and it’ll take a couple of days – but we’ll get there sooner or later. So, soon you’ll be [...]

Most popular searches here on

2010/08/20 | Posted under: Infos

We believe that a collection of most popular searches would be a really useful things on many occasions. What do we mean by that? Songs and artists that people are typing into the search box of must be really popular – and you might get some new ideas by browsing through these searches. We’ll [...]

Videos next to songs

2010/08/17 | Posted under: Infos

We’ll shortly implement an option to view YouTube music videos next to every song with chords or tabs – given that the correct music video exists, that is. This way it’ll be much easier for you to find the correct timing and intonation – you’ll simply preview the song with the video, and you’ll start [...]

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