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Bringing even more relevant ads

2010/06/29 | Posted under: Infos

As every other website one of the aspects we have to think about is bringing relevant ads to our users, in a way that those ads don’t break the user experience and help them with stuff they might be looking for. In a way, that kind of ads creates an extra added value, because it [...]

Adding even more music videos

2010/06/24 | Posted under: Infos

We understand that it comes in handy to be able to watch the music video of a certain song while you’re strumming along. This is why we’re adding more and more music videos (linked from YouTube) to – *The* Guitar Chords Archive. You can expect new videos to pop up faster and faster over [...]


2010/06/20 | Posted under: Tech stuff

How would you like to have the autosuggest enabled here on This means that when you start typing something in the “Artists” search box on top of the website, our system will automatically suggest various artists that you might have in mind. How does this help you? Well, first, it can help you [...]

Some small design improvements

2010/06/16 | Posted under: Infos

Yes, you’ve heard it right, we’ll be making a few here-and-there adjustments to the overall design of to make sure we stay in touch with the latest trends. It also means you – our users – will always have an up-to-date website in terms of user experience. So, from now on you’ll be able [...]

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