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Dear users, meet !!!

2010/05/30 | Posted under: Infos

We’re ecstatic to show you the project that has been developed as a spin-off sister of the widely popular The guitar chords and tabs website that you know and love, good ol’, turned two years old on May 25th (you probably read about it in the previous post) and what better birthday present [...]

Happy birthday,!

2010/05/25 | Posted under: Infos

Our beloved project,, is celebrating its 2nd birthday today! *Happy Birthday, YourChords!!!*

Indexed another tens of thousands of songs

2010/05/19 | Posted under: Infos

We have just added another 20’000 or so new songs with chords and tabs to Guitar Chords and Tabs Archive. Enjoy!

YourChords’ sister confirmed!

2010/05/12 | Posted under: Infos

We have finally decided to release YourChords‘ little sister, a YourChords-platform-based website, completely devoted to song lyrics. We are juggling some of the final domain name candidates at the moment, testing the “newborn” and will tell you all about it in the following days. *excited*

We teamed up with 911tabs

2010/05/09 | Posted under: Infos

Title says it all. From now on you can find our songs in the 911tabs index as well, which means we will reach even more guitarists out there than we do right now. And considering that we reach half a million (that’s 500,000!!!) guitarist from all over the world every month, this is BIG news.

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