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An issue with songbooks

2010/02/25 | Posted under: Tech stuff

We have received a few reports about an issue our visitors have been having with the ‘songbook’ functionality of After a closer inspection it turned out that the songbooks in fact did not display their contents properly under some (not that rare) conditions. We did our best and fixed those issues right away, so [...]

How can I submit guitar chords to

2010/02/19 | Posted under: Infos, Tech stuff

We get asked this quite a lot actually, so we decided to write about this on Blog as well. The thing is that is a Guitar Chords and Tabs Archive and it doesn’t host any songs with chords and tabs as such. We have a large index of chords and ┬átabs that are [...]

Even more music videos!

2010/02/14 | Posted under: Infos

Our software has been hard at work over ┬áthe last couple of weeks, looking for music videos that it can show you next to songs with chords and tabs on Chords and Tabs Archive. Some of the latest additions to our database of music videos are, for instance, Kings of Leon – Use Somebody [...]

Thinking about an even clearer design

2010/02/07 | Posted under: Infos

Yes, that’s right, the Team has been seriously considering implementing an even clearer design. We have been adding so many different new functions to this website that it got a little bit confusing at times to use all of it – for instance, the link to activate a ‘music video’ of each song could [...]

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