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The lists now refresh automatically

2009/08/14 | Posted under: Infos

I am sure that many of you simply come to when you feel like playing guitar, and check out the list of recently played songs to get an idea what to play. Unfortunately this list gets updated only every 60 seconds, so you needed to manually refresh your browser every minute to see new [...]

Database Update Complete

2009/08/06 | Posted under: Infos

We have successfully completed yet another update of our chords and tabs database, and we have added approximately 5’000 new songs – for your pleasure. Enjoy!

Updating our database

2009/08/03 | Posted under: Infos

We are once again updating our chords & tabs database and have re-indexed songs from various sources from letter A to letter J so far. The whole process should be finished in a week and result in tens of thousands of new songs for you, our visitors! Have a great day!

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